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This is who we are and what is important to us.

Memorials Forever

What has brought you to us is one of the most difficult events that you will go through in your life. And I personally understand how difficult it is to find the perfect final resting place for that person you loved so dear. We take the responsibility of guiding you to that perfect resting place very seriously and wish to alleviate as much of the stress and pain of this difficult time as possible. Our entire business has been devoted to taking as much of the pain and confusion out of this part of the process as possible.

Memorials Forever was founded because I saw a real need to simplify the painful process of buying an urn for people that were already hurting. I wanted to remove much of the confusion that overcame people when shopping for a final resting place for their loved one. I also wanted your loved one to be honored by providing life and prosperity for the less fortunate through your loved ones final resting place. So a large portion of the proceeds from your purchase go to helping orphaned children that would probably not survive without outside help. I have provided more detail on the work that is being done and what your contribution does on the Giving Back tab.

We also noticed that many companies that did extraordinary work were not able to be found in many online memorial stores. One such company makes beautiful wooden urns that have incredible scenes on the front depicting things that people loved in life, all created from a combination of lasers and wood inlay artistry. They believe passionately in the work they do and want to make their craftsmanship readily available to everyone, but they have been very poorly represented online, so very few people were able to discover their work.

We have sought out many other companies that also do extraordinary work in order to give them better representation online as well as provide you with as many options as possible. Our desire is to give you the best options possible so that you can find that fitting final resting place for the one that is so dear to your heart. And we continue to search daily to make sure that you are always receiving the best selection of memorial products available. We want to make sure that you are able to choose anything from a more traditional style urn to some of the most exotic urns you could imagine. But most importantly, we want to make sure that what you are looking for is easy to find on our site to minimize the incredible stress and heartache you are feeling.

Because of this we have also spent many hours redefining our shopping experience (with feedback from customers just like you), in order to make this part of the process as smooth as possible so you are able to focus on all of the other very important aspects of this event. Our desire is to remove as much of the confusion with buying an urn or memorial as possible so that you are not being subjected to any unneeded stress or pain during this already very trying time. If you see anything on our online store that creates difficulty for you, we welcome any feedback you may have, so that we can create a better experience in the future for both you and others that come after you that are grieving. We have, and will continue to improve your online experience with us based on our customers’ needs and wishes.

Our primary goal is to make sure you are taken care of to the best of our abilities. This is truly one of the more difficult processes to go through in life. And we will do our best to make this portion of the process as painless as we are able to.

African Orphan Outreach (AOO)

The legacy of the one you loved so dearly in life should continue on after their passing. It is our desire to have your loved one’s legacy continue on after their passing through children that would not be able to make it in this world without contributions like the one you have provided. Because of this, Memorials Forever was founded around giving a very large percent of all its gross income to an organization called African Orphan Outreach (AOO). And we will continue to partner with AOO and any other organization that is in need and honors the memory of your loved one for the lifetime of our business.

AOO is an organization that saves hundreds of orphans each year by taking them in and caring for them until they are able to take care of themselves. They take in young children and infants that would likely not survive on their own and provide for the children while teaching them skills and educating them in order to create productive, self-sufficient individual’s later in life. Many of these children and infants are orphaned due to the harsh conditions and AIDS pandemic in West Kenya that leads to their parent’s death. If these children are not cared for many will die and the ones that do make it are prone to malnutrition, begging, drug abuse, and human trafficking.

A large portion of your purchase goes to helping these children through our partnership with AOO, but if you would like to contribute separately or want more information on the wonderful work AOO is doing, a link to their website has been provided for you below. They are very caring people and love to talk to you about what they’re doing and why they chose to help. They are very passionate about their work and 100% of the funding they receive goes toward helping the children.

African Orphan Outreach Website Link

We have also provided the monthly newsletter below for you so you can see how you are helping and how others have helped before you. The newsletter is updated each month with the latest events that are going on over there as well as how the children are doing with the contributions you and others have given. To see it larger, you can either click the icon in the top right corner to blow up the newsletter to full size, or click the button in the top right corner to see the newsletter in a new tab. We at Memorials Forever, and the volunteers at AOO truly thank you for your help, giving us the ability to provide assistance to these orphans that are not able to help themselves. Without you this would not be possible.

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