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This cremation urn is made with your choice of solid hardwoods. This wood cremation urn was designed to have a unique, yet simplistic look. It was specifically designed for the person that prefers a more traditional style urn with unique characteristics.

This wood cremation urn is made with premium grade solid hardwoods designed to create a memorial that will last for generations. The wood on this cremation urn is also sealed with a clear coat to give it a beautiful finish that will protect it over the years. The base of the urn is secured with 4 screws that give access to the inside compartment once unscrewed.

Made in the USA

Each urn or memorial is individually hand crafted by a skilled wood artisan in the United States. Some equipment is utilized in the creation of these urns and memorials to ensure a level of consistency while still maintaining their individual uniqueness. Due to the natural variation of wood, each urn or memorial is completely unique.

Product Details

Product Types





Small Urn

5½" x 4¾" x 6¾"H

60 Cubic Inches


Standard Adult Urn

7½" x 6¾" x 8¼"H

200 Cubic Inches


Each urn is custom made for the customer upon ordering and typically takes 1-3 business days to ship; however, it can take as long as 4 business days depending on the workload and the complexity of the urn or memorial. If this is needed for an event, please contact us with the event date so we can be sure your urn or memorial arrives in time for the event.


This item can be personalized with up to 4 lines of text. The engraving is laser etched directly into the urn itself. The customer chooses the inscription, text type, and location they would like the engraving to appear on the urn or memorial before checking out. They can also choose DEFALUT for the location and we will place the engraving in the location that we have found looks best for that particular urn or memorial. An example of Block, Script, and Block Italics style texts can be seen below.

Block Engraving

Script Engraving

Block Italics Engraving

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open my urn?

All of the urns are secured by a wood panel with screws at the bottom of the urn. Once the screws are removed the bottom panel will be able to be removed and the plastic bag containing the ashes can then be loaded into the urn.

What size urn do I need?

All of our Standard sized urns are made to be slightly larger than the industry standard of 200 cu in and all of our Companion sized urns are made to be slightly larger than 400 cu in.

The general estimate is that at a persons healthy weight, 1lb = 1 cu in of remains once cremated.

Because this estimate is based on a persons healthy weight, very few people would actually need a larger urn than the standard sized urn.

Reviews (3)

Nehcole Pacheco-Ha'anio

May 25, 2018

Five Stars

We are so pleased with this urn that we got for my dad. It’s very beautiful and is made perfectly. We couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you so very much.

S. McNaughton

April 17, 2017

Five Stars

Very nice to work with. Great customer service! Quick communication.

Dara W Childs

June 03, 2015

Good value for the money.

The walnut in the box is not quite as well figured as the ad, but it's decent walnut and reasonably well made for its intended purpose. It is a good value for the money, and I recommend it.

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